World Fashion Club
Moscow, Russian Federation

The World Fashion Restaurant, Café and Club, for World Fashion Channel, is located on the ground floor of Europe’s tallest skyscraper: Mercury City Tower in Moscow. World Fashion Restaurant, Café and Club is a cultural concept to be launched in metropolises around the world, where visitors can meet, work, relax and get acquainted with the latest fashion trends. The venue in the Mercury City Tower is the pilot project.

It is a compact and highly flexible concept featuring different seating arrangements, lighting and filming technologies, allowing a wide range of fashion show concepts, TV Shows, presentations, and a café and restaurant. A flat floor theatre houses the café and fashion event area and is finished in smooth concrete flooring, a large LED screen and a ceiling with stage lighting, atmospheric lighting and cameras. A raised platform with circular seating arrangements hosts a sushi restaurant. Materials include soft leather seats and the abundant use of Japanese wood on the ceiling, with soft tone integrated lights.

The club will open on the ground floor of the tower, allowing for large outdoor summer terraces. The strategic place on the ground floor links the Mercury city Tower to its context in an area that is in need for more public program and activity, on all times of the day, all year round.

Russian Federation
550 m2
Assigned by
World Fashion Channel
Design in 2015


Erick van Egeraat ontwerpt World Fashion Club

Erick van Egeraat is geselecteerde voor het ontwerp van het World Fashion Restaurant, Café & Club. Dit concept, waarin mode centraal staat, wordt ontwikkeld voor verschillende wereldsteden.

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