• "We strive after luxury, but attack Beauty"
  • "An architect has the duty to create not only functional, but also attractive architecture"
  • "I am not interested in creating an image - I am interested in how to build that image"
  • "A visionary balance between analysis, context and beauty"


During his over 35 years of successful practice, Erick van Egeraat (Amsterdam 1956) built a highly diverse portfolio containing ambitious and high-profile projects in the Netherlands, Europe and the Russian Federation. He has led the realisation of over 100 projects in more than 10 countries ranging from buildings for public and commercial use to luxury and social housing projects, projects for mixed use and master plans for cities and even entire regions. Each of these projects represents his very personal and expressive vision on architecture and urban development. Both Erick van Egeraat and his work have been the recipients of numerous international awards and citations such as the For Budapest Award 2006 for his design of architectural masterpieces in Budapest and the RIBA Award 2007 for the Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art.

Erick van Egeraat graduated from the Technical University of Delft, Department of Architecture, with honourable mention in 1984 and was the co-founder of Mecanoo – the renowned avant-garde architects. In 1995 he established (EEA) Erick van Egeraat associated architects with offices in Rotterdam, Moscow, Budapest, London and Prague. In order to better meet the demands of a portfolio as diverse as his, Erick van Egeraat successfully restructured his company early 2009 into what is now Design Erick van Egeraat.

Honours & Memberships(0)

  • Honored as officier in de Orde van Oranje-Nassau, contribution to Dutch Cultural Environment, The Netherlands
  • Honored with IAA Academician by the XIVth Assembly of the Academic council of the International Academy of Architecture in Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Advisor Creative Industries for EDBR – Economic Development Board Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  • "For Budapest Award" for the contribution to Budapest city, Hungary
  • Honorary Fellowship of the Royal Institute of British Architects, United Kingdom
  • Honored with IAA Professorship by the VIth Assembly of the Academic Council of the International Academy of Architecture in Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Honorary member of the Association of German Architects, Germany
  • Member of the Netherlands Architecture Fund, The Netherlands
  • Member of the Rotterdam Council of Architecture, The Netherlands
  • Member of the Dutch Fund for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture, The Netherlands

Jury Memberships(0)

  • Best Building of the Year Award, Russia
  • Museum Sander Mathildenhöhe Darmstadt, Germany
  • ‘ARCHIP’ Architectural Awards 2009, Russia
  • ‘Chrystal Daedalus’ Prize (Union of Architects of Russia) Moscow, Russia
  • ‘ARCHIP’ Architectural Awards 2007, Russia
  • ‘Kozraktarak’ real estate competition Budapest, Hungary
  • ‘Überseequartier Q3 ‘Am Alten Hafenamt” Hamburg, Germany
  • Nominations jury ‘European Architectural Award - Plaster’, Germany
  • ‘Concert Hall and Wolnosci Square’ Wroclaw, Poland
  • ‘Orel’ Lodging’ international competition Moscow, Russia
  • Nominations jury ‘Best of Europe – Colour’ award, Germany
  • ‘Spielbudenplatz Hamburg’, Germany
  • ‘Urban Planning Ideas competition’ Potsdam, Germany
  • ‘International Congress of Architecture 2003’ Jersey, United States of America
  • ‘Graphisoft’ international competition Budapest, Hungary
  • ‘Audivisual Lab Leipzig’, Germany
  • ‘Private residence in Darmstadt’ international competition, Germany
  • ‘Creating future, Creative living’ Workshop Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • ‘ar+d Emerging Architecture Award 2000’ London, United Kingdom
  • ‘The President’s Medals for education in architecture’, R.I.B.A. London, United Kingdom
  • ‘Chemnitz Industrial Museum’, Germany
  • ‘Das Städtische Haus’ Berlin, Germany
  • ‘Hochschule für Architektur und Bauwesen Weimar’, Germany
  • ‘Europan 2’, The Netherlands
  • ‘Archiprix’, The Netherlands


  • Architecture Forum: Design Space 2020, Krasnodar, Russia
  • SHARE Architects webinar: Transforming the world through architecture, Bucharest, Romania
  • Lecture: Galvanizing the (European) City, FUGA, Budapest, Hungary
  • Revista Mercado: Galvanizing the (European) City, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
  • Lecture: Quality as an instrument to sculpt the future, Moscow, Russia
  • MUF Сommunity Fest: Galvanizing the (European) City, Moscow, Russia
  • Lecture: Galvanizing the (European) City, Athens, Greece
  • Lecture 100+ Forum Russia, Ekaterinburg, Russia
  • Lecture and debate, the Future of the Expo model, Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  • General Assembly of International Academy of Architecture, Interarch 2015, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • The V Biennale Architecture of St. Petersburg, Museum of Ethnography, St Petersburg, Russia
  • Visitor program State University of Architecture, St. Petersburg University of Architecture and Construction, St. Petersburg, Russia
  • 12th International Convention of Architecture, Castle Gardens, Budapest, Hungary
  • Public Library Rotterdam lecture - World Expo 2025, Library Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  • The Challenger Project, sharing knowledge & experience lecture 2014 / 2015 - The International School, The Hague, The Netherlands
  • Interview Rotterdam Late Night - World Expo 2025, WORM, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  • Conference "City with a human face", Ritz Carlton, Moscow, Russia
  • Lecture as part of the debate at Het Nieuwe Insitutuut’ in Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  • Key lecture titled ‘Working in Russia, the first twelve years’ at the Hermitage State Museum in St Petersburg, Russia
  • Lecture as part of the panel discussion ‘Dutch Architecture, now and then’ at the Dutch Embassy, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Key-note lecture ‘Sustainability: context or technology?’ Qatar University, Doha, Qatar
  • Key-note lecture BNA Drents Museum, the Netherlands
  • Key-note lecture Tatlin, Architectural Biennale Moscow, Russia
  • Key-note lecture Tatlin, Ekaterinburg, Russia
  • Key-note lecture NEDAP ‘Round Table’, the Netherlands
  • Lecture/Debate ‘Strelka on Ecological Architecture’, Moscow, Russia
  • Roundtable ‘Termek’, Moscow, Russia
  • Key-note lecture ‘Challenging Glass’, Delft, the Netherlands
  • Lecture/Discussion ‘Year Book of Architecture 2012’, Rotterdam, the Netherlands
  • Lecture ‘Value’ State Library, Moscow, Russia
  • Lecture Opening Drents Museum, Assen, the Netherlands
  • Lecture ‘Dorma’ Harvard Business Club, Moscow, Russia
  • Key-note lecture ‘The Economics of Beauty’, Rotterdam, the Netherlands
  • Lecture ‘Hello Zuidas’, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • Lecture Stadium and Venue Design and Development, Moscow, Russia
  • Lecture Incineration Line 6 presentation, Roskilde, Denmark
  • Key-note lecture Leaf Forum, London, England
  • Key-note lecture ‘Norm = Form’, Leipzig, Germany
  • Key-note lecture Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • Jury ‘House of the Year’ at Arch Moscow, Russia
  • Lecture Drents Museum, Assen, the Netherlands
  • Symposium ’50 jaar Uithof’, Utrecht, the Netherlands
  • Lecture ‘Creative Amsterdam’ Lecture – Leading Dutch creative entrepreneurs operating outside the Netherlands
  • Debate ‘Stichting Hoogbouw’ Rotterdam, the Netherlands
  • Debate ‘European Architecture’ – Royal Netherlands Embassy in Brussels, Belgium
  • Lecture Drents museum, Assen, The Netherlands
  • Debate of RMF: ‘The future of the creative industry in Rotterdam’, the Netherlands
  • Harvard Business Club, Russia
  • Masterclass ‘Surgut: reality and dream’, Russia
  • Lecture ‘Sports Management Conference’ Moscow, Russia
  • ‘Ornament 3D’ by AIT on Heimtextil 2010, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
  • ‘Urban (regeneration) projects –How to revitalise a city?’ on International BDA ArchitectureForum, Hamburg, Germany
  • ‘Mahler 4’ on Zuidas architecture event, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Minicongress ‘Regisseurs’, Techniekmuseum Delft, the Netherlands
  • Key-note lecture ‘Do Touch’, Helsinki Design Week, Finland
  • Masterclass ‘How to reach the top’ at the opening of InHolland University Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  • ‘MREF’ 2008, Moscow Real Estate Forum, Russia
  • CRE masterclass ‘Mixed-use development: Unity in Diversity’, St. Petersburg and Moscow
  • New Dutch Design Symposium Moscow, Russia
  • International Investment Forum Kuban Sochi, Russia
  • ‘Russian Real Estate Summit Moscow’, Russia
  • ‘Presentation of Krasnodar Region’ in the Kingdom of The Netherlans at The Netherlands Council for Trade Promotion, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • ‘Lancering Water Tookit’, JCI, Werkendam, Netherlands
  • Symposium ‘Sehnsucht Stadt’, University of Stuttgart, Germany
  • Symposium ‘The Value of Design’, TU Delft, The Netherlands
  • International Exhibition ’MALL 2008’ Moscow, Russia
  • Vedomosti Conference ‘Russia: Investment Course’, MIPIM 2008, Cannes, France
  • Conference ‘Prospects of urban planning development of Krasnodarsky Krai. Investment potential. Sochi – capital of winter Olympic games, 2014’, MIPIM 2008, Cannes, France
  • ‘Cercle Deluxe’ Vienna, Austria
  • ‘MREF’ 2007, Moscow Real Estate Forum, Russia
  • ‘Christmas Real Estate Summit 2007, Moscow, Russia
  • ‘The XV International Architectural Festival “Zodchestvo – 2007” Moscow, Russia
  • ‘Architecture for European Cities’, exhibition ‘eea - designed by Erick van Egeraat’, Jaroslav Fragner Gallery Prague, Czech Republic
  • Cityscape 2007, Dubai
  • International Investment Forum Kuban Sochi, Russia
  • PROEstate Conference St. Petersburg, Russia
  • XXIII Council of the Chief Architects of the Russian Federation in Kazan, Russia
  • IX St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, Russia
  • ARX International Conference ‘Mixed-use complexes: short term trend or market future?’, Moscow, Russia
  • Conference ‘City as a masterpiece: sustainable development’, MIPIM 2007, Cannes, France
  • EIRE, Expo Italia Real Estate, Milan
  • Thames Gateway Forum, London, United Kingdom
  • Architecture Month Budapest, Hungary
  • CAS Alphen aan den Rijn, The Netherlands
  • EXPO Milan, Italy
  • La Triennale Milan, Italy
  • ‘Geld Macht Schön’, A3 Architekturwoche Munich, Germany
  • SFT Architektur Congress + Messe Münster, Germany
  • Real Estate Investments in St. Petersburg Conference, MIPIM 2006 Cannes, France
  • BACINOL EXPO Delft, the Netherlands
  • ARX Business Conference ‘Effective Relationship between Architect and Developer’, Moscow, Russia
  • Neprom Masterclass Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • CEDES Real Estate Conference Bratislava, Slovak Republic
  • Debate at ‘Dag van de Architectuur’ Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Deutsches Architekturmuseum Frankfurt, Germany
  • Realtex 2005 Moscow, Russia
  • Russian Real Estate Summit Moscow, Russia
  • ARCAM Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Leonardo Da Vinci exhibition opening Leipzig, Germany
  • Tajelmeleti Budapest, Hungary
  • Copenhagen X, Denmark
  • Master Class Arch Moscow, Russia
  • Galerie Villa Bösenberg Leipzig, Germany
  • De Schuur Show Haarlem, The Netherlands
  • Campustage Universität Leipzig, Germany
  • CEDEM Real Estate Conference Prague, Czech Republic
  • EU Chamber Event Budapest, Hungary
  • Symposium Architecture and the Culture of Cooking, Kloster Ebeberbach, Germany
  • Contractworld AIT-Congress Hannover, Germany
  • Dudok Centrum Hilversum, The Netherlands
  • Balie Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Congress Architecture and Politics-Forming-Europe Düsseldorf, Germany
  • III international Congress of the Home of the Future Barcelona, Spain
  • Middelsbrough, United Kingdom
  • Podium voor Architectuur Haarlemmermeer, The Netherlands
  • K.F.A. gallery Bratislava, Slovak Republic
  • Technical University Delft, The Netherlands
  • MAB The Hague, The Netherlands
  • Interarch Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Technical University Berlin, Germany
  • Global Real Estate Summit Paris, France
  • SARP Warsaw, Poland
  • NAI yearbook discussion Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  • FH Biberach, Germany
  • International Congress of Architecture 2003 Jersey, United States of America
  • De toekomst van de bouw in Nederland, The Netherlands
  • Copenhagen X, Denmark
  • Centre of Contemporary Architecture Moscow, Russia
  • Tübinger Kunstgeschichte Gesellschaft, Germany
  • Berlage Instituut Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  • ABC Architectuurcentrum Haarlem, The Netherlands
  • LAI Prijs Breda, The Netherlands
  • Opening popstage Mezz Breda, The Netherlands
  • Workshop ‘Portlands‘ Toronto, Canada
  • Edition one Budapest, Hungary
  • Moscow, Russia
  • Architectural association of Ireland, Dublin
  • ‘Housmates’ Technical University Delft, The Netherlands
  • ‘capita selecta’ Academie van Bouwkunst Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • PINC Conferences Zeist, The Netherlands
  • Ichthus Hogeschool Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  • American Institute of Architects, Autumn Conference Budapest, Hungary
  • ARCAM Amsterdam 2e Museum n8, The Netherlands
  • Laudatio Rietveldprijs 2001 Utrecht, The Netherlands
  • II Architecture Tropical Encounter, Costa Rica
  • Creating future, Creative living’ Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • New Zealand Institute of Architects, Wellington, New Zealand
  • Brno, Czech Republic
  • The Royal Incorporation of Architects Edinburgh, United Kingdom
  • Royal Institute of Architects Manchester, United Kingdom
  • University of Michigan, United States of America
  • Intelligente Architektur England, United Kingdom
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  • Symposium Lustrum Argus Delft, The Netherlands
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  • Cyprus
  • Bund Deutscher Architekten Lübeck, Germany
  • Deubau Fair Essen, Germany
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  • Technical University Graz, Austria
  • Royal Institute of British Architects, London, United Kingdom
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  • Oxford School of Architecture, United Kingdom
  • Orte Architekturnetzwerk Niederösterreich Vienna, Austria
  • Genootschap architectuur Brussel, Belgium
  • Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weißensee, Germany
  • Visiting professor ‘Polsprung Workshop‘, Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weißensee, Germany
  • Workshop ‘City extension Kaditz / Mickten in Dresden‘, Landeshauptstadt Dresden and Ed. Züblin AG Stuttgart, Germany, as partner of Mecanoo
  • Visiting professor University of Calgary and lecturer at the ‘William Lyon Sommerville’ lectureship, Canada, as partner of Mecanoo
  • Visiting professor ‘design week’ Philadelphia University, United States of America, as partner of Mecanoo
  • Workshop ‘Von Laves bis Morgen, Visionen für die Landeshauptstadt Hannover’, Architekturwerkstatt der Architektenkammer, Germany, as partner of Mecanoo
  • Visiting professor ‘Sommerakademie Herne 1989’, Germany, as partner of Mecanoo
  • Teaching assistant with Max Risselada and Henk Engel at Technical University Delft, The Netherlands, as partner of Mecanoo


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