Vershina II Mixed-use development
Surgut, Russian Federation

After the successful cooperation between SKU and Erick van Egeraat for Vershina Trade and Entertainment Centre, both parties decided on an extension to the project.  Vershina II comprises 51,000 m2 of retail, hotel, entertainment, apartments, high quality offices and business centre, and a tropical indoor garden, all organized around a public plaza. The plaza itself offers a new focal point along one of the main boulevards of the city, while the development introduces a new high-rise landmark to the area. The new complex adopts the language of Vershina I,  by smoothly connecting its volumes and facades in a line of slowly ascending high-rises. The buildings will be connected underground. With the ensemble, the client aims to offer the city of Surgut a series of functions at a quality level that is currently lacking, but that is essential for this prosperous city to play a serious regional role in the near future.

Russian Federation
51,000 m2
Assigned by
Spetsializirovannoe kariernoe upravlenie Ltd
Design in 2007