Udarnik Contemporary Art Museum
Moscow, Russian Federation

The new Udarnik Contemporary Art Museum provides Russian contemporary art with a national and international podium with historical significance and a forward-looking outlook. Located in the center of Moscow this powerful building displays key characteristics of both late Constructivism as well as early Social Realism. Following the Venice Charter for the Conservation and Restoration of Monuments and Sites, this design maintains the dominant dialectic between styles and even emphasizes them where possible. Protected elements that are currently in the building are preserved entirely. In contrast, new elements of contemporary architecture are deliberately chosen to be distinct from the authentic original components of the monument; carefully selected to harmonize with existing stylistic features.
This design allows for as many different scales and formats of use and as many different visions as possible: its functional layout, material choices, architectural detail and climate control serve its objective of maximum flexibility and multiple uses, far beyond the conventional museum programs and opening hours.

The unconventional original design from 1931 allowed the roof to partially open. It is said to have been opened only once. Erick van Egeraat re-creates and improves the ability to open the roof for the spectators and introduces a lifting-, loading- and off-loading crane. The mobile allows for a much more versatile range of use of the building. It adds to Udarnik’s iconic position in the Moscow skyline and transcends the celebration of art literally beyond the physical realm of Udarnik the building.

Russian Federation
6,000 m2
Assigned by
Shalva Breus Foundation
Competition in 2014