The Cambas Park
Athens, Greece

Strategically located close to the Athens Airport, on the site of the historic Cambas Winery, the Cambas park is an ambitious mixed-use development project where a high-quality business park is developed into a public and social place that adds more value to both the workers as well as the local citizens. The Cambas park is designed to host a wide variety of programs that includes retail, hotel, cinema, wellness, sports, and leisure spaces, accompanying the contemporary workspaces.

The contemporary office spaces offer informal and flexible workspaces and shared amenities to host social interaction and personal care. The LEED-certified development of the park consists of sustainable buildings with the lowest possible emissions, and plentiful outdoor and indoor greenery that creates an inspiring and healthy work environment.

The layout of the masterplan is such that the office buildings are organized around the open elliptical central plaza that is designed to host a multitude of public functions like restaurants, health pavilions, urban farms, event spaces, and a small chapel. The high-quality public spaces and landscape of the plaza not only add to the spatial quality of the Cambas Park, but also stimulate opportunities for social gathering and chance encounters. An Amphitheatre is designed in response to the existing terrain of the site which also becomes a transition space between the new development and the historic winery. The old winery is transformed into a wine museum becoming a cultural hotspot that adds identity to the whole development.


163,585 m2
Assigned by
Ellaktor Group S A
Design in 2020