Testaferrata Tower
Gzira, Malta

The urban location of the Testaferrata tower in the capitol city of Malta, Valletta has the perfect orientation for magnificent views of the peninsula and old harbor of the city. With the positioning of the balconies, as well as density and orientation of the façade always ensures perfect sun control, privacy and maximum views.

With a focus on privacy and openness the vertical lines vary in different façades through separation, depth, and angle. The North-West and South-West façades are more closed from and to neighboring high-rise. However, to offer more views from the North-East and South-East sides, façade lines become more open towards Valletta. Vertical lamellas, combined with the horizontal slabs of the balconies, give full protection against direct sunlight, while also allowing daylight access due to reflections.

Horizontal lines of the balconies and balustrades bring a refined composition. It also creates an abstract envelope, that can be perceived from different angles of the building. The occasional setback of the balconies create a rich composition of transparency and depth. In addition, verticality of the façade lines counter-position the horizontality of the neighboring building forming an elegant architectural dialog.

12,481 m2
Design in 2016