Ta ‘Xbiex Marina
Gzira, Malta

Ta ‘Xbiex Marina Exhibition and Conference Centre

Tucked in between Manuel Island and Ta’Xbiex Marina a brand new Marina and Leisure center is projected. At a distance of barely 300 meters from SkyGardens Plaza, walking down Testaferrata street, the new Ta’Xbiex Marina welcomes the visitors from the city with a large entrance lobby completely integrated in the newly developed park. This five-meter-high, flexible central space of 1,750 m2, is to be used as an exhibition space or as a venue for a variety of private and public events. Situated inside this reception space, a modern conference auditorium with seating for at least 450 people forms the core of the Ta’Xbiex Marina complex. The combined floor area of the exhibition and conference center totals up to 3.189 m2.

On the water side, 4,500 m2 of new retail and restaurant spaces open towards a wide boulevard with an abundance of seating areas and terraces. The high glass façades are protected of the sun by a long and elegantly curved cantilevering roof. These unique roofs also protect the terraces from the harsh sunlight, filtering the light through their multiple perforations.

The 750 cars parking under the building can absorb the affluence of activity that the new Marina will generate, allowing the waterfront to become a pedestrian space, with the car traffic limited to exclusive access to the yachts and emergency vehicles. Above the building, the 12,500 m2 new Ta’Xbiex Park is effortlessly inclining towards the city, resulting in a long Belvedere above the terraces, with spectacular views to the Marina, Manuel Island and Valleta.

3,189 m2
Assigned by
Metropolis Developments
Competition 1st prize in 2016