Syetun residential complex
Moscow, Russian Federation

This project is situated near the west of Moscow’s historical city centre. It has excellent connections to infrastructure and is surrounded by several city parks and a natural reserve. The site is characterised by complex ownership borders and underground infrastructure. This design proposal for a fully residential area, integrates the complexities of the site as well as the inclusion of the natural landscape into a logical ensemble. The part of the site closest to an artificial lake consists of high density, low-rise apartments. For the part of the site that is bordering existing luxury high-rises, towers are planned.  This way the project relates easily between the extreme scale differences of the context, while combining high density with park identity. All access roads and parking are underground or out of view. The resulting public space is free of cars, asphalt and traffic noises. All low-rise dwellings have terraces, large green balconies or green roof terraces, as well as a main interior space facing the lake. The towers start off with similar balconies, rooftop gardens and cantilevered main interior spaces and develop into more slender volumes with winter gardens further towards the top. The materialisation of the project follows a similar transition. The low-rise elements and lower levels of the towers are materialised in “soft” materials like stucco, and wood. From the middle of the towers the materialisation develops into smoother textures like printed glass and aluminium and become completely smooth and fully glazed at the top. This way the towers appear to dissolve into the sky.

Russian Federation
160,000 m2
Assigned by
ST-Group, Moscow
Competition in 2005