Sochi Marina
Sochi, Russian Federation

With its access to the Black Sea, Sochi is the summer capital of Russia. An important area for the Russian Federation with its function as middle ground for most international affairs. An example of this is the 2014 Winter Olympics. Which makes is clear why designing for this specific location is a very responsible mission.

This project aims to revive the harbour area through the creation of a new radiant district which houses a great variety of functions. Examples of this are commercial areas, cover areas, rooftop terraces, a harbour facing square and more.

The proposal is that of a wide promenade, where lots of public spaces and greeneries are present. The vision is that of a high-quality, open and flexible public realm that allows for the greatest variety of both casual uses and organized events. A place full of vibrant spaces that heighten the experience of visitors through the venues which also act as attractions.


Russian Federation
Design in 2018