School for Fashion and Graphic Industry
Utrecht, Netherlands

The former School for Fashion and Graphic Industry (now Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht) is situated south of Utrecht’s city centre. The original assignment was to design a new facade and entrance for a building with an existing floor plan and structural design. The design concept for the new facade expresses the school’s teaching disciplines of fashion and technical subjects. The entire building is enclosed in a glass envelope, which like a silk veil conveys a mysterious and ambiguous definition by revealing what is behind. The transparent glass allows the technical components of the building to be seen. Structural elements, timbers, exposed masonry walls and the insulation pads that cover the building like a woollen blanket are all visible behind the glass. In 2004 the original pads behind the glass veil were replaced by new insulation material, creating yet a new image for the building. The entrance space houses a central lecture room which, when illuminated at night, acts as a beacon to the surrounding environment.

15,000 m2
Assigned by
Municipality of Utrecht
Completed in 1997
Design in 1995