Russian Drama Theatre
Astana, Kazakhstan

The Russian Drama Theatre is situated in the park zone south of the intersection between the river Ishim and the central Astana Axis. The plot has no substantial relief, allowing for a 360 degree view, with the Ak Orda Presidential Palace, the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation and the National Library as highlights.

The public approaches the main entrance via a base of slow rising stairs and a colonnade, entering the zone with ticketing hall, wardrobes and a museum. The foyers servicing the two performance spaces are placed on decks accessible via a theatrical main stair. The various levels and their visual relations make the foyers into an attractive heart of the theatre; not merely a space to pass through, but a place where people linger, interact and enjoy. A full height glass façade allows light into the building and offers panoramic views to the city. Through the colonnade the foyer presents its internal dynamics to the surroundings.

The 500 seat performance chamber is a representative, contemporary interpretation of the classic performance chambers; warm colors, soft fabrics, rich decorative walls, with all seats oriented towards the main stage.

The intimate 200 seat chamber allows for conventional performances, experimental performances and other festivities like banquets. A series of loges surrounds a variable floor and forms half an oval towards the stage. This space is detailed with wood and dark fabrics, putting full focus on the performance.

24,025 m2
Assigned by
Astana Genplan Institute
Competition in 2010