River Park
Bratislava, Slovakia

River Park is an ambitious 150,000m2 mixed use project, located on the left bank of the Danube river within five minutes walking distance from downtown Bratislava. In addition to the Masterplan, Erick van Egeraat designed the River House residential building, the 5-star Kempinski Hotel River Park, the public spaces and promenade, and a dynamic 2-kilometre walkway. , This masterplan revitalizes the area between the river and the historical city centre into a vibrant neighbourhood, reflecting a modern cosmopolitan lifestyle.

In addition to the Kempinski Hotel, River Park offers 25,000m2 of high-end office space, more than 200 luxury apartments and top-segment retail. The centre block of the development, the River House residential building, hovers over the water, offering spectacular views of the Danube river. River House marks the area for all visitors and inhabitants arriving from the riverside or entering from the south by car, thus creating a unique landmark for this new city centre.

147,000 m2
Assigned by
J&T Global
Completed in 2008
Design in 2002


Erick van Egeraat geeft Bratislava nieuw gezicht

Het project River Park is bedoeld om het gebied tussen de rivier Danube en het historisch centrum van de Slowaakse stad Bratislava te revitaliseren. Erick van Egeraat ontwerpt hiervoor het woongebouw River House, het vijfsterrenhotel Kempinski Hotel River Park, de publieke ruimtes en de boulevard, een dynamische promenade van 2 km lang en de favoriete plek voor de inwoners van Bratislava.

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