Rotterdam, Netherlands

In this vision for the Rijnhaven, which has been developed together with Frame Properties, the three districts on the South bank of the Maas, Katendrecht, Afrikaanderwijk and Wilhelminapier, are developed into a new vibrant second center of the City of Rotterdam. Pedestrianizing the Hillelaan makes the Rijnhaven Metro Station the heart of a new commercial focal point. In addition to this, the newly proposed developments along the Rijnhaven, are placed in such a way that they maximize density and at the same time ensure an open view to the water of the Rijnhaven basin.

Contemporary urban life in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, is characterized by diversity, with living, working, shopping and nightlife all taking place together. Despite the best efforts, these activities have never really taken place along the water, even though Rotterdam has lots of it. As urban developments around the world continue to sprawl, the focus of Rotterdam is on densification and improvement of the existing city center. The last remnants of the harbour activities have now moved out of the city center, leaving vast opportunities for residential development. The South bank of the river Maas is becoming a desirable place to live. The Rijnhaven, the connection between the North and South of the city, is fast on the way of becoming a second city center. In order to catalyze and guide this inevitable process, the city of Rotterdam proposes to partially reclaim land from the Rijnhaven. This will result in improved connections between the Wilhelminapier, Katendrecht and the Afrikaanderbuurt.

This masterplan will become the beacon of this new urban development, connected by all types of public transit over land or water, including the iconic water taxi of Rotterdam. The proposal incorporates a diverse, vertically stacked program catering to all commercial segments. The incorporation of a park and marina further diversify the program of activities. Together with Frame Properties’ existing development on Katendrecht, this area will be the point of departure for further development on the Rijnhaven and the surrounding harbours.

In progress in 2020
Design in 2020
Study in 2020