Restaurant Boompjes
Rotterdam, Netherlands

This pavilion alongside the boulevard De Boompjes in Rotterdam is part of a series of interventions aimed at promoting the active use of the banks of the Nieuwe Maas river as an integral part of the city of Rotterdam. The brief was based on an optimum use of the magnificent views and the industrial context with its passing ships and impressive floating barges. Following this lead, the design is focused on providing optimal views from each point in the building. On the side of the boulevard, a smooth, natural stone wall turns its back to the city, without losing contact with it. A glass box protrudes from the stone wall, providing an elongated bay window that holds the entresol with views over the boulevard and into the city. The main access is located in line with the glass wall, providing a theatrical entrance and exit from the building. Like a landing stage on the boulevard, the terrace is situated at the southwest side of the building, offering maximum benefit from afternoon and evening sun. The materials and detailing relate to the atmosphere of the harbour on the one hand and to the exclusive character of the restaurant on the other. Wood, steel and stone are left untreated as much as possible while the detailing is refined. The combination of the sophisticated interior with the ever-changing views offers something different at every visit.

570 m2
Assigned by
Ontwikkelingsbedrijf Rotterdam
Completed in 1989
Design in 1989