Residential development De Held
Groningen, Netherlands

This housing project is situated on the western edge of the city of Groningen. The development is nestled in between a protected forest area and hill, which form a natural boundary to the north of the site. By deriving compact building typologies and dividing the accommodation over four sites and two phases, the forest remains as untouched as possible. The first phase consists of a range of house types located over three of the sites. The landmark for the development, a housing tower to be located at the road junction, will be built in the second phase. The detailing has been carefully designed to ensure that the built houses retain the original integrity of the design. The provision of different external spaces and terraces allow inhabitants the opportunity to create individual environments, each with a specific sense of place.

9,000 m2
Assigned by
Bouwfonds Woningbouw
Completed in 1999
Design in 1997