Parma Santa Teresa
Parma, Italy

The project for luxurious residences is situated in the city centre of Parma, close to the main park and Ducal Palace, and set alongside the Parma river side. The area was once part of a church complex, destroyed during the Second World War bombardments, afterwards serving as an open parking lot. The site is surrounded by typical medieval houses and important historical monuments. The project, with two separate buildings embracing an extended public garden, is relating on one hand with the existing surrounding of the gothic lots, and is decidedly luxurious and contemporary, adding value to the site. The client’s objectives are to create luxurious residences in a site that is highly appreciated and regarded, apartments that offer the latest technologies and comforts. The design creates a subdivision of the lot in two separated buildings; one at the river bank facing the city centre, and the second one on the back side, neighboring the surrounding lots. It therefore was important to consider the site as a single identity, using similar architectural language, as well as guaranteeing the same high quality for both buildings of the project. The design makes maximum use of plot, carying for the amount of apartments at the river side. The buildings are raised above the ground, using the ground floor for the entrances, lobbies and other services and allowing better views from each single unit. The courtyard in between the buildings is a public garden, a natural extension of the big park nearby. The five-level-high river side building, uses volumes’ and corners’ alternations in order to create terraces, open roofs, large openings and vertical gardens with the usage of Vegetal Wall technology. The vertical lines of the second building, four floors high, engage a relation with the typical gothic lots of the neighboring buildings and the context. Both buildings are making use of natural stone, vegetal facades, wood and glass, creating a variety of identities and luxurious ambiance for the residence lot.

5,000 m2
Assigned by
Parma Santa Teresa
Design in 2009