Offices Hambrosgade
Copenhagen, Denmark

The Hambrosgade project is situated in the centre of Copenhagen, Denmark. The new building references the harbour aesthetic, in both its urban scale and in typology.
The block typology relates to the coherent, urban pattern of the surrounding area, which consists of closed city blocks with entrances or openings. This creates both a physical and visual relationship between the interior and the exterior of these city blocks. All three volumes feature openings along the total length of the project that vary in relationship to the openings that are placed along the width of the volumes. The inclusion of the courtyards adds green public space in the middle of the city. The transition, from the building volumes to the courtyards, is interwoven in such a way that the materialization of both merges. The outer façade of the project is smooth and colourful, and allows the individual blocks to appear as valuable chromatic objects, with variations in the use of material, colour and curved corners. The inner façades, with their rhythmic composition of glazing in a white plaster surface, acts as a quiet background for the green courtyards and the colourful and predominantly green exterior facades. The implementation of an attractive and highly sculptured public space, creates a spatial connection between the river and the city area.

22,087 m2
Assigned by
Freja Eigendomme
Design in 2006