Offices Central Bank of Libya
Tripoli, Libya

The Central Bank of Libya is an autonomous corporate body representing the monetary authority of Libya. This design for their new office building expresses the growing Libyan financial and economic potential with a new, modern and flexible approach. Conceived as a new gravitational centre in Tripoli, the building and its surroundings are designed as an extension of the anticipated green belt encircling historical Tripoli. Connecting to this green belt, and around the perimeter of the site, a modern public park is designed, with vegetation and a large artificial lake, with the Central Bank offices at its very center. The building’s main entrance and foyer are connected to the city by a generous pedestrian bridge. A separate ramp links all car traffic to the underground parking garage. The proposed park is a buffer zone between its immediate surroundings, attracting people and inviting leisure activities. The lake also functions as a sustainable natural cooling system and naturally separates the public space from the bank buildings controlling all access to the bank complex, achieving the highest security standards.

The project, consisting of five independent objects interconnected by the entrance hall, adds an exciting silhouette to the city. Volumes are designed as simple but dynamic geometries, creating a strong symbol of stability and growth. Starting from the central circular organization, the volumes are combined into a concentric constellation to open the complex toward the city and embrace it. The proposed functional scheme incorporates distinct zoning and a highly functional hierarchy of public spaces and restricted spaces.

88,860 m2
Assigned by
Central Bank of Libya
Competition in 2013