Offices Amstel III, Lot 206a
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Plot 206a is located in the Amstel III development area in the south east of Amsterdam. The idea behind the urban plan created by KCAP is a spatial labyrinth composed of 9 cubic volumes with a raised ground floor acting as a floating deck between the different blocks. Erick van Egeraat designed two blocks of the plan, both orientated towards one main user with one main entrance. From the configuration of two stacked and rotated L-shaped buildings a building is created with a strong sculptural character and fascinating constructions. Shaped like a snake, the body of block 2 is stretched to block 5 creating one coherent block and large office floors. The massiveness of the overhanging building is tempered through double height spaces and split-level floors. The voids between the buildings give depth, resulting in telescopic views through the plot. Block 5 has an enclosed quality and houses functions such as meeting rooms, fitness areas, and day-care centres, increasing the attraction of the centre of plot 206a.

The quality of the outside space is improved by the creation of a strong contrast between the rigid contours of the building blocks and a softly shaped inside façade. A four storey high space between inside and outside connects the different means of vertical circulation through the building. Skywalks are also introduced for shortcuts. Smooth waves in the inner skin of the passage enliven the facade and define the unique character of the building.

20,000 m2
Assigned by
Amvest Vastgoed
Design in 1999