Office building Zilverparkkade
Lelystad, Netherlands

The office building Zilverparkkade is built on a prominent site in the city centre of Lelystad, The Netherlands. Located adjacent to the main entry road to the train station, the site forms the closing cornerstone of the master plan by urban planners West 8; comprising a development scheme for offices and apartments at the edge of the city. The client, Develop Lelystad, envisioned a high-quality, multi-use office building. The ground floor has an extraordinary height of 5,5 m. An additional mezzanine is directly accessible from the ground floor. The composition of the building consists of three slightly shifting, stacked volumes, which connect to the scale of the adjacent buildings.

Inspiration for the design of the façade was found in the image of a Venetian palazzo. The stateliness, the composition and ornamentation are translated into a contemporary appearance. The result is a building with a strong architectonic expression, answering the needs and measurements of the location, yet satisfying all the demands that are requested of a modern office building.

Columns and brickwork extend over the full height, thus accentuating the verticality of the elevation. Wooden window frames also accentuate verticality. The beams, columns and ornaments of the façade suggest the smoothness and heaviness of concrete. They are constructed with lightweight glass granulate and finished in a 2 colour blend of smooth plaster which creates a natural appearance. Towards the corner, the brick is replaced with glass openings, thus creating maximum openness at the corner of the building.

2,200 m2
Assigned by
Develop Lelystad / Ter Steege Vastgoed Rijssen
Completed in 2006
Design in 2004


European Plaster Award