Office and retail building Holzmarktstraße
Berlin, Germany

This new office and retail building is part of the inner city development along the river, in the eastern part of Berlin. Its’ typically urban design comprises a series of sculptural towers within a transparent geometric envelope which reflects the rapidly passing by traffic. The glass envelope unifies the different elements of the building and creates an internal circulation zone that acts as a buffer against external noise. Behind their facade the towers are clad in stone to form an interesting contrast. They vary in height towards the river and penetrate their transparent skin. Along the riverfront, the free standing building volumes change in scale and form open spaces. Responding to Berlin’s office building precedent, the ground floor consists of interior galleries, shopping areas and showrooms. In the upper part of the towers circulation bridges located along the internal glazed wall, connect the office spaces that widen to form gathering and meeting spaces.

58,305 m2
Assigned by
Berliner Stadtreinigungsbetriebe
Competition in 2001