Novosibirsk Galvanize the city!
Novosibirsk, Russian Federation

The Galvanize the City project aims to, like its name suggests, to excite the Novosibirsk Lometta area into action. It is a site that feels remote, whilst it is quite well connected with a relatively central location. Design options propose different options, all with the same functions in mind: housing; retail & entertainment; hospitality and health. Some of these are realized through the building of lofts, while others are realized with the placement of world’s largest climbing wall or a market entirely dedicated to fresh Russian delicacies.

One option focuses more on a comprehensive construction method, with repeatable architecture for multiple new structures, an option that uses local materials where construction is a fast process. It is also a design that is friendly, communicative as well as adding an iconic value. The other option focuses more on a complex construction, with one purpose architecture and a multipurpose hall. Local materials are still being used, yet the process takes longer. This option is more impressive and overwhelming.

Both options envision the Lometta area as a place where a multitude of annual and bi-annual events are being held, something the site currently lacks: a climbing week, Honey Market, Dance Festival, Poetry International, Street Theatre, etc.

Russian Federation
34,310 m2
Design in 2016