Norwegian National Opera
Oslo, Norway

The competition entry for the National Opera and Dance Theatre in Oslo was part of the redevelopment of the waterfront of the city of Oslo, and the expansion of the city centre. Due to its exceptional location on a peninsula in the bay, the building is by definition attracting landmark attention. The design consists of two main parts. An entrance building on the edge of the new extended Christian Frederiks Plats, and the main building containing auditoriums, rehearsal and ancillary spaces. The two are connected by a passage that runs under the sea and houses cloakroom and refreshment facilities. The shape of the proposed design takes its inspiration from the particular characteristics of Norway: the landmass, the climate, the light and the relationship with the sea. Light is central to the designs general appearance and its interior spaces, when lit at night, it would form a clear beacon for the city. The iconic design matches both the typical atmosphere and the cosmopolitan allure of Oslo. It  enforces the connection of the city with its coastline and provides for a cutting edge contemporary Opera Building.

37,350 m2
Assigned by
Den Norske Opera
Competition in 2000