Nevski Bereg
St. Petersburg, Russian Federation

Nevsky Bereg, a river cruise terminal building for the North-Western Shipping Company, is set against a busy outbound urban highway that separates the Neva River and the rigid prefab housing slabs. An iconic multi-storey high-rise resembles classic cruise liners ready to embark. Its composition embodies the spirit of cruise shipping and the urban speed of the day, while bringing natural light and air in. This enables intricate river views out of approximately 150 000m2 of rentable space in this multi-functional building with approximately 180 000m2 of gross floor area. Rising from a plinth with shopping arcades, spacious lobbies and a terminal passage to the landing stages and positioned on a triple level underground parking garage with 1069 parking places, four towers reach 9, 10, 25 and 30 levels, gradually varying in shape. The project consists of a variety of office space, 170 hotel rooms and 236 apartments that all have distinctive street addresses, while the common base of congress and related facilities enables interaction between functions. The shape, height and architecture make the Nevsky Bereg project a recognizable gateway landmark in the skyline of the city of St. Petersburg.

Russian Federation
St. Petersburg
180,000 m2
Assigned by
Gruppa JFC
Design in 2008