National Aviation Center
Ramenskoe, Russian Federation

The National Aviation Centre will be situated on the grounds of the Gromov Aerodrome just outside of Moscow. This terrain is home to the bi-annual MAKS international air show and an important Russian aircraft and spacecraft research institute. The building is to match the level of sophisticated technologies that are typical for the aviation industry, symbolising the past and future achievements of the Russian aviation industry.

The new building references the aesthetics of bird wings and the aerodynamics of aircrafts; light, sharp and elegant in appearance, two roofs span two main exhibition halls. These halls are connected by a central multifunctional foyer. The trilogy of exhibition halls and foyer allow for a series of different events in different scales which makes it usable all year round. A semi-separate volume houses a VIP business airport, VIP areas and a press centre. The complex adds a comfortable and human scale to the terrain: a large open field of several square kilometres. The complex will be executed mainly in concrete and steel with smooth white synthetic and glass finishes.

With this project, an ambitious exhibition complex will be realised, serving as a Russian national symbol that will create genuine attention on an international level.

Russian Federation
100,000 m2
Assigned by
Design in 2008