Budapest, Hungary

The MOME competition called for the revitalization of the existing campus of Moholy-Nagy University of Applied Arts. The campus is situated in the green living area of Buda hills, surrounded by parks, villas, but still well connected to the city center. The campus has 2 existing monumental buildings to be kept and renovated, a new extension which is under construction during the competition period, and two other buildings to be demolished and rebuilt with a better, more sustainable approach, to serve the life of the campus in a more effective and user-friendly way.

The design of Erick van Egeraat offers a solution which is in harmony with its surroundings. The shapes of the new buildings blend well together with the natural environment, due to the choice of materials such as wood, exposed concrete, glass and green roofs, reflecting a sustainable yet modern and transparent approach.

The design emphasizes quality spaces for students both internally and externally, enabling creative work and time for recreation. Key elements include environmental awareness and optimal efficiency of spaces and materials, creating a sustainable facility to serve the Campus’ long-term ambitions, reflecting the intellectual spirit of the Moholy-Nagy University of Applied Arts.

24,800 m2
Assigned by
MOME, Moholy-Nagy University, Budapest
Competition in 2015