Mixed Use Zirakam
Algiers, Algeria

The new apartment building is situated in a very popular neighborhood of Kouba, Jolie Vue. The area takes its name from the beautiful view through the exceptional panorama it can offer. The site is rated as exclusive site along one of the main roads traversing Algeria. Therefore the design proposal aims to realize a contemporary building which is attractive and in the meantime valuable on the long run.

For the urban aspect and the impact to the close surrounding it is essential that the building offers new possibilities for its neighborhood. The newly created urban square, the new pedestrian connections and the additional public functions are serving the inhabitants and attracting further developments of the area.
The design of the building exterior focuses on the views. The main view from the building is allowing apartments with large glass surfaces and green balconies to overlook to a beautiful panorama. The view from the main road towards this landmark building along the highway is attracting inhabitants and emerging the city to aim for high quality surroundings.
The transparency is created with a simple curtain wall facade, which allows the light to penetrate deep into the apartment spaces. On the other hand a play of horizontal cantilevers shields off the sun/heat and create a certain solid and robust appearance.
The two main ideas for the project design are to connect the building with the green hill and to combine transparency with an elegant solid look. With this program and volumetric proposal the development will attract people and create a lively new atmosphere in this prominent location of the city.

41,112 m2
Assigned by
Design in 2013