Minsk City
Minsk, Belarus

Minsk City provides a Business Centre for the capital city of Belarus, putting it on the world stage with similar projects such as Moscow City in Moscow and La Defence in Paris. Minsk City is a 318 hectare development on the former Minsk 1 airport site. The project provides a modern and multi-functional Business Centre for the public, with adjoining economy class, business class and elite residential areas. The plan allows for fluctuations in the market with preservation of its core elements and qualities. The most distinctive architectural features of the project will be the preservation of the landing strip, as a reflective pool with parks and the inclusion of the first high-rise structures to be built in Minsk. The world class facilities of the business centre include a  5-star hotel and spa complex with a trade and entertainment centre, attracting business from all over the world. Located within the 3rd ring, the Minsk City project is well serviced by new infrastructure connections to the city centre and beyond, providing a new focal point for Minsk.

5,300,000 m2
Assigned by
Design in 2008