Metzo College
Doetinchem, Netherlands

The design for the new Metzo College facilitates the school’s innovative approach to vocational education. The building’s compact design maximises flexibility, allows for a relatively small facade surface and enables an efficient use of space. The complex is characterised by its pyramid shape and hanging roof garden in the central void. The roof garden offers a domain for quiet retreat and reflection. In contrast, the patio below the garden is an arena for bustling interaction, allowing everyone to see and to be seen. Together, the patio and the roof garden form the social heart of the building. A partition-free layout with few walls reflects the school’s philosophy of openness and transparency. Most rooms are multifunctional and can be redefined accordingly to meet current needs. Each department has its own identifiable domain, but no department is secluded from the others. Individuality and togetherness, unity and diversity can co-exist under one roof. The building also includes a gym, which is designed as a black-box with no daylight requirements. The gym is publicly accessible outside school hours. The design of the building allows the school to correspond with the public in different ways. Its compact shape and earthly facade make it a discreet landmark that smoothly blends in the surrounding green space. Its versatility and openness make the building a valuable addition to the community of Doetinchem.

16,400 m2
Assigned by
Stichting CoVoa and Brewinc College
Completed in 2006
Design in 2003

Metzo college Doetinchem (NL)

Metzo college Doetinchem (NL) openend its doors in 2006. This film was presented to the client during the first phase of the project. A patio and a roof garden form the social heart of the building. The building also includes a gym, which is designed as a black-box with no daylight requirements.


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Architectuurprijs Achterhoek



Van Egeraat school opens

Metzo College, a school designed by Erick van Egeraat Associated Architects, has opened in the Netherlands.

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erick van egeraat: metzo college

created by erick van egeraat, the metzo college in doetinchem, netherlands is a vocational school designed in sync with the educational program. the new school building replaces three pre-existing ones and in addition to the school facilities it also houses public sports facilities.

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Metzo School / Erick Van Egeraat

The new Metzo College, located in Doetinchem, a City in the East of the Netherlands, houses a school for vocational education as well as public sport facilities. The new building replaces three existing school buildings.

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Metzo College in Doetinchem door (EEA) Erick van Egeraat associated architects

Op een heuse motte staat het nieuwe Metzo College als een burcht verheven boven haar landelijke omgeving. Alleen de stromen jongeren die vanaf de weg de kunstmatige heuvel oplopen, verraden dat het om een schoolgebouw gaat.

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