Masterplan Wroclaw
Wroclaw, Poland

In the context of the design selection for a new concert hall in Wrocław, Erick van Egeraat designed a masterplan that would further allow the development potential for the area between the Concert Hall and the Rynek main square. The plan makes the Liberty square in front of the concert hall more accessible by organizing a serious reduction of car traffic between the Liberty square and Rynek square, which houses the city hall and market. This improved infrastructural situation allows for a more direct and dynamic relation between the cultural activities that take place on and around the square such as the Opera House, Concert Hall, and Wroclaw Palace, and the commercial, residential and retail that is spread in the existing city centre. The plan densifies the existing centre with an additional 210,000 m2 of residential, retail, hotel and parking. This densification will be realized by carefully adding to, and where required, completing the current urban fabric. This masterplan allows the city centre of Wroclaw to anticipate current and future economic and social developments within a contemporary but sensitively applied framework.

210,000 m2
Assigned by
City of Wroclaw
Study in 2006