Masterplan Public Space
Kuwait City, Kuwait

In 2004, Erick van Egeraat upon request proposed a complete urban re-visitation of Kuwait City through strategic Master Planning. A critical analysis of the city with its inherent contradictions and development potential resulted in the definition of a number of so-called “sensible areas”. These areas inform and guide the growth and upgrade of the city over the coming years. The relationship between buildings and open spaces is the key to unlock the confounding nature of the urban settings for Kuwait City. 80 parks will transform the city into a unique and distinct oasis, exploring and emphasizing the critical mass of the city. Simulating architectural scenarios that connote different spatial experiences, lifestyles and architectural languages, Erick van Egeraat developed a plethora of specific features such as city voids, suburban parks, urban and rural landscapes.

Kuwait City
1,100,000 m2
Assigned by
Villa Moda
Study in 2004