Lobby British Council
Prague, Czech Republic

The British Council in the Czech Republic is located in the business quarter of Prague near the Vltava River. Its main tasks include facilitating educational and cultural relations, making the exchange of information and exchange one of the most important functions of the lobby. The clients’ main concern was that the existing reception area did not offer an inviting atmosphere or present visitor information in a clear way. Therefore an innovative and inexpensive solution was sought to rapidly transform the space. The main focus of the design was to create a visually interesting and generous space that enhanced the architectural qualities of the existing building. The signature colour red of the British Council was used as basis for the walls. Glass, metal and fabric surfaces are inventively used to transmit information. Layering these panels in different planes adds depth and interest to the space. Special attention was given to new interior lighting that complements the new design. The result is a complete transformation that provides the British Council with a representative space that informs visitors about the organisation in an inviting and professional atmosphere.

Czech Republic
34 m2
Assigned by
British Council Prague
Completed in 2001
Design in 2001