Lichfield Arts Centre
Lichfield, United Kingdom

The Lichfield Arts Centre is a theatre and art gallery of around 1,000 m2 situated at the edge of the historic centre of Lichfield. The design  of the dramatic  ceramic  cladding expresses the  world renowned pottery industry that is historically based in this area. The considerable local expertise in the use of clay and firing and finishing techniques makes the use of such a material a viable proposition for the cladding of the building. The application of such local expertise creates the heritage of the future, much in the same way that older buildings are often familiar and acceptable due to their (construction) materials being locally produced. This building presents a unique opportunity to celebrate local skill and craft by cladding the exterior in ceramic material from Staffordshire. The form of the building is generated by a detailed study of the requirements and the relationship of the site and building to the Lichfield Cathedral. Public areas such as the galleries and bars in the building are clustered together facing the north to enjoy views over Minster Pool towards the cathedral. To the south, the building provides a performance space to seat an audience of 200. The space can be used for a variety of theatre forms, concerts and exhibitions.

United Kingdom
1,000 m2
Assigned by
Lichfield District Council
Design in 1998