St. Petersburg, Russian Federation

Molding the Lenpolygraphmash into a landmark is quite the task. Through adding smaller sized contemporary buildings in a strategic way to certain parts of the buildings, corners, elements and similar spaces are emphasized and made more appealing. Adding trees to chimneys will have a similar effect in creating a powerful, shocking, and poetic image. If a crane would be placed in one of the main courtyards, it can be the perfect tool for outdoor events. It also doubles as a visible landmark, as well as being a strong symbol of dynamism and transformation in the city.

Opening the old embankment street on both sides will result in an interior street that divides the compound in two parts. In addition, an enhancement of the roughly paved asphalt can be achieved through adding lines of different materials, like wood and steel, to enhance the scale and structure of the different spaces. It will also emphasize the rough industrial character of the compound. Placing a mix of pine and birch trees in the pavement line, and at both ends, will introduce green in the area throughout the seasons and make the spaces more attractive to the public.

Both on the ground floor as well as several rooftops terraces could be added with smaller functions like cafes, summer open-air cinema, etc. Roofs that would not be used as terrace could be vegetated, for use both as leisure gardens and urban agricultural spaces. Some of these rooftops could be connected to the new recreational spaces through industrial looking steel bridges.

Russian Federation
St. Petersburg
Design in 2015