IJhal Retail Central Station
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Contemporary urban life in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, is characterized by diversity with living, working, shopping and nightlife all taking place along the canals. The starting point for this design of the IJhal is the creation of a mixed-use building with an emphasis on catering and hospitality facilities. The program connects the most important functions that are already represented in Amsterdam Central Station: travelling, shopping, restaurants, café’s, supermarkets, delicatessen shops, service, culture and entertainment. The IJhal has an enormous potential as a location to stay and meet others. This not only due to its excellent accessibility, but also its outstanding waterfront location and view of the IJ river. ‘Connection’ is the keyword for Amsterdam Central Station and the new IJhal. From a functional perspective, the IJhal is a transfer terminal for bus, metro and train travelers and pedestrians. The various catering, hospitality, office and event facilities will no longer be standalone, individual activities, but will become naturally intertwined. The proximity of the IJ river and the fantastic views will be upheld due to a program that is designated in the most transparent way possible. Functions that must be placed in a closed space will be reduced to a minimum. High quality materials and detailing in combination with a well-coordinated management form the conditions for an elegant, enjoyable and safe environment for all visitors and travelers. A strong program and the implementation of sustainable and high quality materials will make the IJhal more than just a transfer terminal.

12,000 m2
Assigned by
NS Vastgoed
Competition in 2010