Housing Vellertheuvel
Apeldoorn, Netherlands

Design Erick van Egeraat designed the master plan as well as the residences for Vellertheuvel Apeldoorn, The Netherlands. The project consists out of different family houses for rent and sale.

The design considers Vellertheuvel as a central point in the neighborhood. The nature surrounding the housing exists out of slopes, ponds and a great diversity of trees. Inspired by the surroundings, Design Erick van Egeraat explicitly didn’t choose a traditional plot, but implemented its organic nature in its design of the housing blocks. Because of this, three mounds arise on the south side of the slope, that inhabitants are able to walk through. The parking is designed on the inside of the mounds, to save space on the outside.

The image of the residences creates a feeling of coherence; the roofs overlap with the differently designed facades. The different houses obtain a distinguished image because of their balance between individuality and originality.

13,000 m2
Assigned by
Woningstichting de Goede Woning, Woningbouwvereniging Ons Huis, Van Berlo ontwikkeling
Completed in 2006
Design in 2005


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