Housing Ulgersmaweg
Groningen, Netherlands

This residential tower is located at the edge of a green zone bordering the city, and will provide a fantastic view towards the Starkenborgh canal. The tower is a 70 meter high urban landmark, but to play a suitable role in the direct surroundings, the design aims to be more than a landmark alone.
The position of the tower in the Northwest part of the site is the most suitable in terms of shade and spatial development, both for the context and for the project itself. To have a fluid connection between the scale of the context and the scale of the tower, a series of smaller, individual volumes is distributed around the footprint of the main building. This ensemble of buildings covers the full site. By projecting the living quarters and entrances of dwellings alongside the periphery of the site, the social safety of the entire area is increased considerably. The semi-lowered parking garage will cover the full surface of the site. Its slightly raised roof allows for a fluid but clearly defined connection between the public street and the slightly raised inner courtyard. The lower volumes will be executed in a combination of different materials (stone, wood, glass) in a rich detailing with strong relief. Towards the higher levels of the tower, the number of materials is reduced, with a more sober detailing within one plain. This play with materials is also reflected in the overall volumetric appearance of the project. The base of the project displays smaller surfaces that shift position regularly, while the top of the tower displays only a few surface shifts. This way, each segment of the project appeals to the scale it relates to most; the comfort and human scale of the street level, and the abstract scale of the skyline of the city of Groningen. In total 102 dwellings, a commercial space, and 132 parking spaces are planned in the project.

13,000 m2
Assigned by
IN (Ontwikkelen IN), J&R Vastgoedontwikkeling
Design in 2006