Housing Stuivesantplein
Tilburg, Netherlands

The housing project Stuivesantplein is located in an inner courtyard in Tilburg, The Netherlands. The project comprises of 35 housing units – 9 owner-occupied and 26 rental – accommodated in two blocks. The blocks are situated as such to create an introspective courtyard, a characteristic of almshouse courtyards in The Netherlands. The individuality of the owner-occupied houses is expressed on the facade through the placement of slate pilasters. The rental units are grouped in a similar four-storey block set parallel to the courtyard to exploit the views of the existing schoolyard and church. In contrast to the owner occupied houses, the identity of individual units are subordinated to the larger scale of the block by creating a strong frame of heavy concrete roof beams and slate-clad end facades. Entrances to the rented apartments are accessed via wide galleries that mediate and extend the expression of the communal housing block. Wide western red cedar sliding doors can be used to close off the open galleries. Niches containing benches accentuate the dwelling entrances off the galleries and form a transition zone between public and private space. Within the restrictions of the brief, the apartments have spacious flexible living quarters set inside a quiet and enclosed environment.

3,900 m2
Assigned by
Wonen Midden Brabant
Completed in 1999
Design in 1995