Housing Herdenkingsplein
Maastricht, Netherlands

The ‘Square of Commemoration’, situated in the historical centre of the southern Dutch town of Maastricht, is located on the former open area between the Brusselschestraat and the Calvariestraat. Bounded by the buildings of the extended Academy of Arts and the new residential scheme, the square created is an intimate space with a contemporary character.The architectural language of the building has a quiet image to complement the intimate atmosphere of the square, with the height relating to the surrounding buildings. The colonnade of the housing forms a demarcation between the public area of the square and the private space of the housing. The 47 houses of several different types face the square with a two storey parking garage accessed from the building below ground. Aerial walkways connect the different blocks and provide a visual focus to the square. The abstract, layered construction of the facades transforms the elevation of the housing into elements that enclose the square. The use of tactile, handcrafted materials, such as steel, wood and glass in their original unadorned form is a response to the character of the historic town. Simple materials such as granite are used for paving, providing a contemplative atmosphere and contributing to the intimacy of the square, thus making it a integral part of the urban fabric of Maastricht.

4,698 m2
Assigned by
Stichting Pensioenfonds Rabobank (dwellings) Gemeente Maastricht
Completed in 1994
Design in 1990