Housing Development block 20 IJburg
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Ijburg is the new part of Amsterdam and one of the locations for the Dutch Vinex. The Haveneiland is the first section of the site to be realised, following the urban plan commissioned by the municipality of Amsterdam. EEA developed the urban design for a block on the northern edge of the island, enclosed by the Noordboulevard and the Binnengracht.

To create and mediate scale between the overall block and the individual dwellings, the scheme is organised as a series of seemingly independent buildings. These buildings accommodate 167 dwellings of varying size and typology. The buildings are located around a chain of distinct internal courtyards, and are lower in height relating to the open spaces in contrast to the perimeter buildings are 5 to 7 stories in height

On the Noordboulevard, the perimeter is interrupted by an 11-storey tower that indicates the entrance to the public interior of the scheme, leading to a terrace on the waterside along the Binnengracht. Instead of a composition of individual architectural styles, a collaboration between the offices that all work on different blocks in this Dutch Vinex* seeks to mix the different urban and architectural levels of the project, creating a new and existing urban environment.

22,470 m2
Assigned by
IJ-Burgermaatschappij c.v.
Design in 2002