Housing Astana Axis
Astana, Kazakhstan

The Astana Axis project is situated along the extension of the government axis in the Kazakh capital of Astana. The flat, semi-desert steppe landscape is currently occupied by small agrarian plots typical of left-over spaces in city centres. It has little existing infrastructure and a high level of ground water. A master plan has been designed for the new axis, widening the central plot of the Government Axis to 500 metres. The Astana Axis project continues the idea of the Government Axis by housing civic functions whilst the programme on either side is predominantly residential. The site is comprised of 7 plots located to the north and south of the ‘civic spine’. The 4 small plots to the north and 3 large plots to the south are separated by a park and Palace of Culture. The concept for the project was to provide housing, open space, retail and offices that would introduce an urban quality to the site that would allow for greater diversity in living. The human scale of Amsterdam was a key reference in creating the possibility of different qualities of street life and living on water. The Amsterdam plot was used as a basis from which to develop these varied conditions. For instance, the buildings facing the park adapt the Amsterdam model to a New York Central Park typology, creating a strong presence that serves to clearly define the park whilst maximising views for a higher percentage of apartments. Similarly in Amsterdam and New York, the development of the plot allows and encourages individuality that when combined create an improved ensemble. The theme of diversity underlines every aspect of this project in the search to create a vibrant environment.

75,000 m2
Assigned by
Design in 2007