Housing and Community Centre Hillekop
Rotterdam, Netherlands

The ‘Hillekop’ complex is situated in a unique location in the south of Rotterdam, bordering one of the most important connecting roads with the centre of Rotterdam. This location, combined with various secondary infrastructural conditions, resulted in a complex design assignment. In the urban plan, which is part of the assignment, the view of the Rijnhaven harbor is an important theme. Furthermore, the design was to create a dynamic, distinctive plan. The project consists of three building blocks, which are each tailored to the situation and location. The complex comprises only social housing. The creation of a ‘view square’ at the harbor and a ‘tree square’ for the neighbourhood characterize the attention with which the outside space was designed. Along the long block a concrete pergola is placed to accentuate the space in front of the building. The artist John Körmeling marked the building’s completion in 1989 by crowning it with this date in green neon numbers on the roof of the 18-storey apartment block. The first Block is a fan-shaped tower as an iconic element for the neighbourhood and the harbour in the ‘Kop van Zuid’ and ‘Afrikaanderwijk’ neighbourhoods. This 18-storey tower contains 6 apartments per floor and is designed in such a way that all units are optimally oriented for both sunlight and views. A community centre is located on the lower levels. The apartments are accessed through spacious and light hallways. Block 2 is an elongated, winding building that, due to its shape, adds two squares to the neighbourhood. The building forms a large gateway over an intersecting street. The lower levels of block 2 are partially designated for cafés and restaurants. The upper levels consist of housing, accessed by a combination of doorways and hallways. The third block is a corner building that connects to existing buildings and is situated next to a large courtyard.

750 m2
Assigned by
Stichting Tuinstad Zuidwijk
Completed in 1989
Design in 1985