Gateway Gardens
Frankfurt, Germany

The Gateway Gardens are a prime example of connective spaces; they constitute a transition from landscape to building, from low to high density and from simple to complex. They are located adjacent to Frankfurt Airport, one of the main gateways into Europe and surrounded by three of the largest German highways. Respectful of this context, the Gateway Gardens project offers a high quality environment to both its users and the surrounding neighborhood, suggesting the potential for future developments. It covers 700.000 m2 and comprises offices, conference and trade centers, a hotel, retail, parking, airport support functions and leisure and entertainment facilities all in a sensible combination of space and landscape. The plan endeavors to maintain the existing trees while incorporating the intervention making the landscape the connective tissue of the project. Gateway Gardens is consists of two main parts, each defined by their context and program, employing devices such as considered density variations and relationship with the landscape, offering varying qualities and memorable spaces.

700,000 m2
Assigned by
Grundstückgesellschaft Gateway Gardens GmbH
Design in 2005