Forum Rotterdam
Rotterdam, Netherlands

“Forum Rotterdam” is an ambitious and daring extension of the historical post office located in the heart of Rotterdam. The design is based on conservation of the valuable monument and the largest possible renewal via an extension above the existing building. “Forum Rotterdam” is a melting pot of disciplines and cultures. As extension above the existing post office, the forum includes a commercial centre as well as a hotel, apartments, offices, a museum, a platform for political and cultural debate, a theatre, a congress centre, a health club and a creative centre. The building characterises itself by the homogeneous integration of all components. The functions of the programme do not lead a chaotic coexistence; instead all programmatic elements are interwoven with each other under one roof. The “Forum Rotterdam” is a breeding place for synergy, mutual inspiration and daring initiatives. With the recent focus on the development of the waterfront and the Kop van Zuid area and the redevelopment of the Central Station, the centre of Rotterdam is threatened to be forgotten as an essential element of the city’s development. Bringing together a plethora of functions in one high-quality environment therefore is an important means to strengthen the status of the city centre. The “Forum Rotterdam” offers an ideal opportunity to unite Rotterdam’s current and future ambitions under one roof. The historic post office plays an important role in this context. It should not merely be an attraction on its own, but should trigger a whole series of new developments in “New Rotterdam.”

79,000 m2
Assigned by
Delta Projectontwikkeling B.V.
Competition in 2008