Floating Hotel
Budapest, Hungary

The design of a floating hotel next to the Dagály Baths in Budapest reflects the development in contemporary urban planning to integrate waterfronts into communal life. The organization of the hotel’s design emphasizes the continual presence of water and the proximity of the rooms. The arrangement and division of the hotel into small functional units provides both a degree of intimacy and a feeling of luxury.

The hotel consists of 175 hotel rooms on floating plateau’s that are joined into a rigid network, creating an image of a village built on water. One end of the settlement features the public functions of restaurant, boathouse, bar, port and a central reception. Each plateau has two room units on average and is linked to the riverbank with bridges placed at 50 metre intervals from each other. Auxiliary service functions are hidden along the outer walls, so that the rest of the space can be cantered on the balcony and create an interior atrium. The light-reflecting facades form a screen of protection and intimacy. These light reflections are mirrored by the reflections of the water’s surface, enchanting the observer with a vibrating, waving light show. The structure clearly reflects contemporary tendencies, structural concepts and technical innovations. A three-dimensional shell reinforced by fiberglass and press-forged wood shavings integrates both structural and spatial functions and creates an unbroken and uninterrupted surface.

10,000 m2
Assigned by
B&B Holding Kft
Study in 2004