Facade Design Morizono
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Design Erick van Egeraat designed a proposal for the façade design of an office building at the Avenue Brigadeiro Faria Lima, near Ministro Jesuino Cardoso Street. The design intention was to connect the main façade structure of the building with the ground and combine transparency with an elegant solid and robust look. By introducing root-like volumetric structures raising from the earth into the façade the building has an appearance which communicates strength and permanency. The transparency is created with a simple curtain wall facade, which allows the light to penetrate deep into the office spaces. On the other hand a play of fritting on glass (printed glass) and perforated aluminum panels shield off the sun and create a robust appearance. As for the detailing of the façade constructions two options are proposed. The first option is based on the principle of a simple story-high glass curtain wall facade; with clear and printed glass. In front of this curtain wall a simple grid of perforated repetitive (aluminum) panels are placed. The space between curtain wall and this grid can be used for ventilation and maintenance space. The second option explores how to combine these two layers into one. The facade would consist of one layer with elements of clear glass, printed glass, volumetric and printed glass elements and possibly closed printed aluminum elements. The aim of the proposal was not to create a collection and variety of individual technical solutions, but a well-balanced, clever integration of the most effective solutions to create a real sustainability and added value.

Sao Paulo
27,000 m2
Assigned by
CCP Cyrela Commercial Properties S.A.
Competition in 2013