Extension offices for ING & NNH
Budapest, Hungary

The office development on the Paulay Ede Street is an extension to the Central European headquarters of ING Bank/Nationale Nederlanden in the centre of Budapest in Hungary. The project connects to the historic building located on the adjacent Andrássy Street that Erick van Egeraat renovated in 1994.

The rhythm of the openings in the adjacent Andrássy Street facade is continued in the new façade, forming a unity between the buildings as required by the Hungarian authorities. Rather than the new façade replicating the historic ornamental plastered facade of the Andrássy building, a new technique was applied to the completely flush glazed facade. Composed of computer pixels, the silk screen print on the glass creates when seen from a distance a natural stone pattern, which upon coming closer dissolves into a translucent glass screen allowing light deep into the building. The Paulay Ede street facade is also completely glazed and leans out into the narrow street at an angle of 1º reflecting the existing buildings opposite. Due to the constraints of the site the glazed facade allows sufficient daylight into all areas of the building, a necessity in order to utilise the total floor area as office space according to the Building Regulations. This facade is constructed as a climate façade; extracting the return air through the cavity between the glazing. The ceiling is a perforated expanded mesh suitable for use with the chilled beams above that provide the cooling necessary. On several floors cellular offices are located along the perimeter and are separated from the open plan layout by large pivoting glass walls. In section the floor levels of the new extension align with the adjoining Andrássy Street building, creating a spacious office layout. Internally the stair is the main architectural feature of the building, with the three flights of steel profile and pre-cast concrete treads suspended by stainless steel cables from the roof structure. The connecting wall between the original offices and the extension was opened up to create exciting perspectives and views between the old and new buildings.

6,800 m2
Assigned by
ING Real Estate International, The Hague and Nationale Nederlanden Real Estate Hungary Ltd., Budapest
Completed in 1997
Design in 1993