Expo 2025
Rotterdam, Netherlands

A collective of Rotterdam entrepreneurs, including Erick van Egeraat, has joined forces to advocate the 2025 World Expo to be held in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Coming from diverse backgrounds within the engineering, energy, academic, architectural, financial, communications, consultancy and real estate sectors, they share the vision that the organization of such an event will provide Rotterdam and the entire delta with the common agenda and focus that it needs to move forward.
As a delta, the Rotterdam region is in a strategic position to steer the much needed transition towards a circular economy. Deltas and their populations are set to play a pivotal role in transitioning the world into a new era of sustainable development, hence the theme: ‘Deltas in Transition’. This theme and its legacy will form the core of the design, plans, organization and legacy of the world’s first fully circular World Expo.

During the World Expo in 2025 Rotterdam will invite the world to collaborate on solutions that allow us to contribute to a planet that fosters a circular economy, form new alliances and start a global dialogue to help define new (industrial) strategic agendas. The legacy of the World Expo will exceed the temporary benefits of this large, six month event. It represents a vital part of a broader plan, a plan that will respond to the many challenges that cities face today and in the future. On a national level it will bring attention to the Dutch national industrial agenda, boost business and pride, encourage momentum, accelerate infrastructure and inspire future generations. The local legacy of the World Expo will entail an increased quality of life for residents of Rotterdam, the active inclusion of young people, and the creation of jobs.

The group of entrepreneurs is assisted by three councils: the Academic Council led by prof. dr. ir. Jan Rotmans (Erasmus University, Rotterdam), the Governance Council led by Cees de Bruin (Infodin Group) and the Quality Team, led by prof. ir. Erick van Egeraat. As Chief Supervisor Head of Quality Team, Erick van Egeraat will be responsible for the quality of the concept. He is joined by his team of experts: Hadi Teherani (architect and designer, Hamburg), Larry Beasley (former co-director of Planning for the city of Vancouver), Jörn Walter (chief architect for the city of Hamburg) and Riek Bakker (urban planner, Rotterdam).

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The Future of the Expo Model

The Future of Expo Model was a debate event held on the 11th June 2015 at Het Nieuwe Instituut (former NAI) in Rotterdam. A lecture on the cultural significance and recent developments of the World Expo by Paul Greenhalgh, a presentation on the concepts and scenarios for Rotterdam2025 by Erick van Egeraat, and short presentations of design concepts for participants of Rotterdam2025 by four teams of design students provided the material for a debate on the future of the Expo model.

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Erick van Egeraat over de World Expo Rotterdam 2025

Alles wat hij doet, steekt Erick van Egeraat ambitieus in. Dat geldt ook voor de World Expo Rotterdam 2025, waar hij mede-initiatiefnemer van is. Van Egeraat voorziet grote kansen voor het lange waterfront van Rotterdam, waar tot op heden niet genoeg mee is gedaan volgens de Rotterdamse architect.

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