Crawford Art Gallery
Cork, Ireland

The Crawford Art Gallery occupies a prominent location in the heart of Cork, Ireland. Extended a number of times since its construction in 1724, the building became an amalgam of different types of spaces, none of which were suitable for contemporary or large scale exhibits. This new design adds two new exhibition spaces and improves the gallery circulation by inserting a suspended stair to connect the existing floor levels. The new exhibition spaces are within the former courtyard and have strikingly different atmospheres. The upper gallery’s dramatically shaped roofs create an architectural space filled with natural light. The lower gallery is quieter, with a glazed wall facing the street that can be partially or fully closed by wooden shutters, depending on the requirements of each exhibition. The existing building presented a harmonious exterior through the use of brick throughout. In the new facade, floating curved ribbons of bricks glued together to form monolithic shells articulate the contrast, as well as the harmony, between old and new. Connected through material, but distinctive in form and shape, the intervention adds another layer of history to this cultural landmark.

830 m2
Assigned by
City of Cork Vocational Education Committee, Cork
Completed in 2000
Design in 1996