Almere, Netherlands

The Columbuskwartier housing project and shopping centre is designed as one of the most environmentally sustainable projects in Europe. Erick van Egeraat based his design of the apartments and retail, on three principles: the optimal positioning of building and outdoor space, clear logistic lines and a natural and comfortable environment. The project combines different functions and a flexible use of spaces, including retail spaces and 30 unique apartments and a pair of semi-detached houses with a fantastic view.

The Columbuskwartier project is situated at a major traffic junction in a new district of Almere, The Netherlands. It will serve as the entrance to the district and as such requires a strong image. The design offers a concept with an outspoken sustainable, open and flexible character that stimulates social interaction.

On the north side, retail and the entrance to the apartments in the main apartment building are located at street level. Special attention was given to the social aspect of the housing; spacious galleries double as meeting areas with benches and flowers in the corridors. The building is clad with a plaster facade inlaid with glossy paint stripes in a random pattern, giving it a distinct and unique image.

On the south side, a green roof covers the supermarket. Two additional high-end loft-style apartments are located in a contemporary angular building above the parking area, surrounded by a terraced vegetated roof consisting of elevated planters on steel columns.

The project differentiates itself in a visible way by its form and its physical, economic and social sustainability. This sustainability appears in the choice and use of materials: recycled materials, certified sustainable wood and a green roof. Furthermore, the building has a high level of insulation and is very energy efficient due to its energy concept.

7,600 m2
Assigned by
BUN Vastgoed
Completed in 2016
Design in 2009


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Bouw Wijkwinkelcentrum Columbuskwartier van start

De bouw van Wijkwinkelcentrum Columbuskwartier is gestart. Het multifunctionele gebouw, ontworpen door Erick van Egeraat, bestaat uit 29 appartementen en ruimten voor detailhandel.

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